Page refreshes with morphing in Turbo 8

Watch as Jorge Manrubia Díez uses Turbo 8 to make a responsive UI in a Rails app.

Good grief. The way Turbo 8 is shaping up is really impressive. It really does feel like another giant step forward for Rails productivity. Also really wild just how simple the DOM diffing technique is—how have none of us thought about doing this since pjax’s inception in, what? 2011?

Not a good time of year to be named Sam

50 Years of Hip-Hop

50 Years of Hip-Hop Samples 1973-2023. This thing is really well done.

Voice of Kemosabe

Kemosabe’s a hedgehog. And he’s got a voice like an angel

New cat name just dropped: Catalie Portman.

Purple Burglar Alarm

Some Scots can’t say “Pulple Burglar Alarm”

GWAR Destroys Tiny Desk Concert

The band of Intergalactic Monsters. Tiny Desk Concert. Solid.

I've heard of a walkie talkie, but this is ridiculous

Anyone in the market for a $3,000 backpack that follows you and, oh, is also a smart speaker?

How Do I Draw a Pair of Buttocks

The internet was just a funner place in 2014

Lifenotes 6


  • It’s been over a year. Holy shit. Lots has changed. Let’s see…
  • We got married! Had a nice little ceremony at a restaurant here in Richmond. Jess officiated the thing, and did a damn fine job. It was exactly what we wanted.
  • We’re back in the states, living in Richmond, VA. We’ve got some family and longtime friends in the area. And we’re practicing making new buds through via the love of whiffleball. Team We Got The Runs went 4-3 this season.
  • I’ve officially transitioned to a management role at work. Still doing lots of in-the-weeds programming, so it’s been a soft transition so far.
  • We got a cat. Her name is Biru (you know, like Ruby, but staggered). She is a bit of a devil. But she is cute. Biru sleeping Biru with her tongue hanging out
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