Lifenotes 2


  • New joke who dis? Ready?

    A minister, a priest, and a rabbit walk into a hospital. A doctor asks the rabbit: “do you know your blood type?” The rabbit replies: “I don’t. But I think I’m a type-o”

  • Lots of people around me are getting vaccinated—including my parents. It finally feels like the end of this pandemic is in sight. With summer approaching, I’m really looking forward to the possibility of some semblance of non-pandemic normalcy.
  • Spring is upon us, and it feels so good. Last year, we heard nonstop how NY was dead. This weekend proved otherwise.
  • The first race of the MotoGP season is next week. It’s a little sad to see Valentino Rossi move down to the satellite team. But good grief does his setup look excellent. Valentino Rossi on his new Petronas Yamaha