Lifenotes 3

Big Business

  • HappyGastropod, LLC is officially a thing. I’ve been using the name HappyGastropod since 2008. Thirteen years later, we’re officially in business! I’ve been working on a little bulletin-board software called Cafayo that prompted the move to start a company. I’ve always loved the name HappyGastropod, and loved the goofy logo I made all those years ago: This thing remains a nights-and-weekends type of project. It’s been a fun learning experience thus far, and I’m excited by the possibilities.
  • I’m building Cafayo using some Hotwire libraries and techniques. It’s an absolute delight to build apps this way. It’s so refreshing, having spent the past several years writing in the flavor-of-the-month single-page-app framework for work. Hotwire is simple, fast, and (once you wrap your brain around it) surprisingly flexible. A shame about its whole relation to Basecamp…
  • After years of prodding by some family and friends, I broke down and bought an Xbox Series-S. I got it primarily to whip my brother’s ass in the MotoGP Game. It’s not going as planned, thus far. I have much practice to do.
  • Governor’s Island is open to the public yet again. Cynthia and I went this weekend and enjoyed the scenery.